Fossil Record

The Phanerozoic Eon

Diagram showing the time period in million of years of The Phanerozoic Eon
The majority of macroscopic organisms ,algal, fungal, plants and animals lived in this Eon.It consists of three major divisions, the Paleozoic era, Mesozoic era, and the Cenozoic era.The word ' zoic' comes from the word Zoology/zoo meaning animals and 'paleo' means primitive, 'Meso' means middle  while 'Ceno' means recent.

Major events in The Phanerozoic Eon are:

  • Origin of diverse types of organisms
  • Development of vertebrates along with  invertebrates.
  • Periods marked by dominant animals of the concerned period
  • Origin of modern organisms along with mammals and man 

In this section however, The Cenozoic Era will be discussed in detail. 

The Cenozoic Era 

The cenozoic era stars after the mesozoic era and continues till the present, from 65 million years till today. It is the most recent of all the three major subdivisions of the animal history and is divided into two main periods-tertiary and quarternary.
1) Tertiary period : Lasts from 65 to 1.5 mya.this period has been divided into two substages, Paleogene(65-24 mya)  and Neogene(24 -1.8 mya).
Paleogene has been divided into 3 epochs, Paleocene, Eocine, Oligocene while  Neogene  is with the epochs  Miocene and Pliocene.This was the age of evolution of mammals. and whales.,large mammals, rodents, pigs, horses,bears, modern birds. monkeys in South America, Ramapithecus etc were evolved, Finally the hominid evolution took place and  australiopithecines were evolved

2) Quarternary period : 
This is called the age of man as the first Homo sapiens evolved in this period. Besides, the Mammoths, Sabre toothed tiger, Marsupial lion, ground sloths, birds were evolved.This period can be divided into two Epochs: Pleistocene (1.8-0.11 mya ,last ice age) and  Holocene, (11000 years to recent.The development of Human civilization took place during this Epoch.

The Cenozoic Era begun after the Mesozoci Era ; from 65 million years till present!

Animals from the Cenozoic Era

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